There are numerous steps to be taken to compile a complete dossier for planning approval.  McDougall-Designs can assist you on a full dossier and set of plans, or alternatively complete individual sections i.e. provide your project with an approved RT2012 certificate or organise the appointment and approval for your fosse septique.  Contact us for a quotation for plans, full dossier or individual report.

Géomètre - Plan Cadestral

If you are looking to sub divide an existing plot of land there are numerous steps to be taken to achieve this with the help of a notaire.

The Cadastre is the system used to record parcel numbers, ownership and land registry.  A géomètre (official land surveyor) must legally be used to survey and parcel the land to make an official division.

As the land most probably has more than one neighbour – your neighbours will be contacted regarding your request for division.  The géomètre will survey the land and officially fix with markers the boundary, it is then registered with the Cadastre.

The land can not be officially sold until the new parcel is registered.

Certificat d'Urbanisme

If you are planning a new build project you will need to get a Certificate d’Urbanisme operation réalisable from the Mairie. This basically gives building consent ‘the right to build’ for that parcel of land – but is not planning permission.

An application form needs to be completed and submitted with a description of the project and a site plan. Depending on the Mairie and/or Planning permission office, a permis de construire or a déclaration préalable may also need to be submitted.

The planning office has up to two months to grant or decline the certificate. Once it is issued it should indicate the location and size of building allowed, any design rules and ascetics of the building (e.g. style of roofing tiles, shutters etc.) and information on public utilities in the area.

The certificate is valid for 18 months.  An extension of one year can be granted as long as the request is submitted a couple of months before the expiry date.

Plan de mass & Building Plans

Plans for your new build project will include the following.

1/5000 and 1/25000 scale Location Plan
Site Layout Plan including access to utilities
Elevations Plan
Detailed description of the project and surrounding environment;
Landscape Plans illustrating the building position in relation to the environment.
Photographs of site.
Coloured drawings of the proposed building superimposed on the site photographs.

Fosse Septique Documentation

The local council is responsible for the local sewage system, so a report from the Service Public de l´Assainissement Agent must be obtained for the installation of a fosse septique.  The application for the installation is made at the Mairie.  The agent will normally arrange a visit to the site, where soil tests are made and the capacity, dimensions, type and location of the tank are stipulated.

For extensions an inspection and/or report maybe required to confirm the existing tank conforms and has the capacity for the proposed development.  This can be ascertained at the Mairie.

Etude Thermique - RT2012

Planning application must include an Etude Thermique (RT2012) which outlines the energy performance requirements of the building.  The complex algorithm software calculates the energy consumption against the current thresholds and specifies the R values, type of insulation and energy efficient material required based on the plans, position and location of the building.  This report is required for new builds and extensions.

Demande de Permis de construire

These are the approximate steps to achieving the ‘Permis de Construire’ 

Géomètre – Plan Cadestral & Division of land if required.

Notaire to register land and/or officiate Sale of Land.

Application of Certificat d’Urbanisme

Completion of plans

Etude Thermique Report

Fosse Septique Report and Approval

Planning Department preliminary approval visit

Four copies of the full dossier compiled

The completed dossiers are then delivered to the local Mairie, where a stamped, dated and signed ‘récépissé de depot d’une demande de permis de construire une maison individuelle et/o uses annexes’ notice is given as a receipt with an official dossier registration number.

Notice of the planning application is placed outside of the town hall, within 15 days of receipt of the dossier by the Mairie.

The Mairie will then send the dossier to the revelvent planning office, who will either approve or decline the application within a time limit – normally 2 months.

If planning permission is granted then you must follow a public notice procedure.

You must display a notice on the site, which must remain during the whole of construction period. It must be clearly visible to the public and be at least 80cm x 80cm with the registered dossier number and other information.

Work can then start when you receive the signed, dated and stamped ‘permis de construire’ from the Mairie, and have submitted your declaration d’ouverture de chantier

Work must start on the site within two years of the decision.

Once the work is completed you must submit a completion notice to the Mairie.

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